The Wirtz Story

Luterman visited Bull the weekend of September 25, 1999. He wanted to get all the great corkscrews from the Bull collection that he missed in previous trades.

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Here's what Luterman got.


Bottom Left: Iron handle with bell. Advertising "J. Gundlach & Co., San Francisco" on both sides.

Bottom Middle: Marked PATENT PENDING, DUDLY TOOL CO., MENOMINEE, MICH. A 1907 prong puller patent by Albert Dudly. The first prong folds into the handle and the second is removed and inserted in the end for storage.

Bottom Right: A coffee grinder from Argentina.

Bull got these scissors that Luterman has tried to get Bull to take in previous trades. Marked NOGENT INOX, MADE IN FRANCE.

Note: There is something missing here - see follow-up story.

Bull asked Luterman to bring this to SMLCC to photograph and Luterman made Bull take it as part of the trade. A store sales card with 12 Noyes patent Universals attached (6 per side). Complete with instuctions for each one. From Universal Metal Specialty Co., 13 Park Row, N. Y. City.

Luterman threw in these two pieces to help make the deal and promised to send two more.

Left: Ornate silver folder marked with Henckels Twins trademark and GERMANY.

Right: Unmarked pigeon-toed legs. The stockings have a stipled finish giving them a soft looking texture.

These two whistles completed the trade.

This is what Luterman didn't get. Anyone want to trade for it?

GERMANIA marked on top of frame. L & E and GESETZL GESCHUTZT marked on sides of frame.

So the deal was done - September 27, 1999! What do you think? Email your opinion to or leave your opinion in the guestbook. Refer to LUTEBULL TRADE IV and indicate A, B or C.

Send comments if you like. Results and comments will be posted soon.

  • A. Luterman took advantage of Bull
  • B. Bull took advantage of Luterman
  • C. It is an even trade


A. Luterman Advantage
Bob Roger
B. Bull Advantage
C. Even Trade

Lute wins again! But not by much. Bull is gaining.

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