The Bar Mart

The Bar Mart was a mailorder firm at 62 West 45th St., New York City. During the late 1940s and 1950s their catalogs offered a wide range of home bars and bar accessories. Here are the corkscrews featured in the 1940s Tippler Catalog:

The trio of Gay 90s Bar Tenders got prime position in the catalog with a first page appearance. For more on these characters and their relatives, see: Bar Sets.

At bottom left is the Bar Boy.

The Bar Mart "encyclopedia of home entertaining" has a 1952 copyright date. Bobbie Ganger, Executive Director, reminds catalog recipients, "We're conveniently located at 45th Street. Just a few blocks from Radio City, Grand Central and Times Square. From the 1952 catalog:

At middle right is the Gourmet Cork Puller

This Bar Mart catalog is headlined " gay...have fun at HOME!"

Do you have other Bar Mart catalogs?


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