Bar Sets

The bar set on the right with "Z" stand is the most frequently found in this series.

The men in Fez were also produced with different style utensils.

The Minstrel bar set has the same tools as the men in Fez set in the photo with Z stand.

The Bellhops on a cutting board.

This set with Negro heads was found in Germany.

Shirley Chesney of Texas found this "Gay 90s Bar Tenders" set.

The set was offered a late 1940s catalog from Bar Mart Inc., 62 W. 45th St. New York City.

Michael Sharp writes: "My 3 men in Fez on a 'Z' stand has a small (1 7/16" X 1 13/16") white ivory name tag on the front edge of the flat base piece marked MOROCCO."

Ed Bystran submitted this photo of his "Men in Fez" set mounted on a cutting board.

Ben Danley submitted this photo of his Minstrels set mounted on a straight stand.

Anybody have anything else in this series? What company produced these bar sets? When? Where?


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