The knife was produced by E. Dirlam's Hoffnungswerk, Solingen, Germany.

The card says "Don't forget to visit our exhibit. Lecture each day by Agriculturist, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. German Kali Works, Office, 93 Nassau Street, New York." The occasion was the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York c.1900.

St. Paul’s Church. Built in 1739, St. Pauls’ Church is Norfolk’s oldest building and the only structure to survive the British destruction of the city on New Year’s Day in 1776. A cannonball fired by Lord Dunmore of the British Fleet still remains lodged in the southeaster wall. The church’s tree-lined cemetery is dotted with 17 th , 18 th , 19 th and 20 th century tombstones. The church, which features a Tiffany stained glass window, is an active parish to this day.

Marriage Place of Ramona

The book Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson was published in 1884. Ramona is the story of an orphan who was the daughter of a white man and an Indian woman. She was raised by a foster mother who kept her background secret. Ramona falls in love with an Indian name Alessandro and is married to him by Father Gaspara in San Diego.

The card 's message reads, "Ramona's Marriage Place and Flag Monument, makring the spot where the U. S. Flag was first raised in Southern Califonria, in 1846, San Diego, Cal."

This house was rebuilt in 1927 as a replica of the Fritchie house destroyed by the repeated flooding of nearby Carroll Creek. Material salvaged when the house was torn down in 1868 was used to recreate the structure. According to legend, 95 year old Barbara Fritchie dauntlessly waved her Union flag as General Stonewall Jackson and his troops marched through town in 1862. The reputed events inspired John Greenleaf Whittier's poem "Barbara Fritchie."

The Massachusetts Consistory of the Scottish Rites was started in Lowell in July 1860. Ir received its charter in 1862 and was relocated to Boston in 1871.

The corkscrew knife is marked MERIDEN BRAND on the blade. One side is engraved "Massachusetts Consistory" and the other has the initials C. H. W.





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