Champagne Collectibles

by Donald A. Bull & Joseph C. Paradi

Champagne Collectibles features:

  • 336 oversize (9" x 12") pages
  • Hardcover
  • 1250+ color and b/w images
  • 1900+ items pictured
  • Value Guide
  • Published 2011
  • $79.99*

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Reader Comments

Well-known corkscrew collectors and authors, Don Bull and Joe Paradi, uncork the excitement flowing from an array of champagne memorabilia. This detailed book has more than 1260 photographs depicting over 1800 items from around the world, and offers a thorough review of champagne memories and tools. This guide covers branded memories including early corks, decanter labels, beautiful fans, sheet music, smoking accessories, and more. There is also a section with a wide range of tools used for opening and preserving champagne. You will be fascinated by the knives, corkscrews, easers, nippers and grippers, and bottle re-sealers that champagne houses have used for advertising purposes. In particular, the chapters on taps will open a whole new world for collectors of corkscrews. In addition, there is a special chapter on Champagne Mercier, which tells the story of a giant champagne vat from the nineteenth century and highlights various collectibles from this company. Collectors, connoisseurs, and all those who enjoy life, open a bottle of Dom Pérignon and wax nostalgic on the last three centuries of champagne culture and its accoutrements with this book.

Here are photo and object counts you will find in this very large book:

Chapter Photo final total Objects Total
To Your Health 11 7
Corks 17 37
Decanter Labels 21 27
Desk Accessories 28 47
Drinking & Dining 48 63
Fans 64 66
Games 14 22
Labels 13 13
Music 23 23
Posters & Prints 15 15
Postcards 26 27
Smoking Accessories 72 95
Trade Cards 16 16
Mercier 34 44
Just a Few More 53 65
Bottle Resealers 49 74
Cork Replacer Taps 12 13
Corkscrews 75 95
Easers 33 50
Knives - Bottle Shape 27 56
Knives - Hooks 60 115
Knives - Pocket 97 180
Nippers & Grippers 139 267
Sabrage 8 9
Taps 110 243
Tap Stands 22 23
Tap in Boxes 70 70
Tools for Bartenders 10 10
Waiters' Friends 64 97
Whatsits? 22 32
  1253 1901

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