Bull - Stanley Trade July 2005

In Early July 2005 John Stanley was planning to stop by the Bull house on his way North for an ECBA convention. He wrote to Bull with an offering of traders. He was quick to point out "you mentioned the Moxie at one time and I do like it quite a bit." Here's what he offered:

Bull replied to the email with "Yes, the Moxie belongs in my collection. What do you want in trade for it? What would I have to give up for the rest?"

Stanley quickly wrote back "Remember, I am pretty proud of the Moxie piece. I am thinking the bar mount and knife for the Moxie and the others for the other three. Kessler Brewing, Montana Bar Mount, Pittsburgh Corkscrew Knives, Nevada Metal Sleeve, Stegmaier Metal Sleeve, Heurich Corkscrew, German and Home Brewing Opener/Icepicks." This is what Stanley wanted:

Bull replied "I read your list and got chest pains eventually resulting in blowing my stent out my eardrum! But...but...but...now I've composed myself, got the old ticker running again, and gathered up the pieces on your list. There are so many people out there trying to screw the redhead that I guess it's time for him to turn the screw the other way. :-) I am pretty proud of my Kessler (irreplaceable!) and Pittsburgh (a sparkling MOP beauty) - but the Kessler is too big and feeling lost amongst my other barmounts. Oh no - there goes another pain - this time shooting through my brain."

Stanley replied "Your comments were priceless. What more can this 'pig' say?"

Now that Stanley had owned up to "pig" status, Bull agreed to the trade and was pleased to hear Stanley say "I owe you big time!"

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