October 28, 1999

Here are four variations of scissor style corkscrews with cigar cutter and wire snipper. Design differences are shown in the following photos. Marks and advertising on these are:

  • Top left: None
  • Top right: "Augusta Bara Avize"
  • Bottom left: "Gerard de Reconde / Reim Epernay." Marked DEPOSE.
  • Bottom right: "Mercier & Co. / Champagne."

The pair at the top have two cigar cut openings and the bottom pair have one. The example at top left also has a match striker cut into the length of the right handle

More difference in next photo.

In the left pair (one single notch and one double notch), the worm folds out from the handle and snaps into place for use.

In the right pair, the worm pivots and stops when it meets a stud on the handle.

A scissor corkscrew with champagne bottle handle advertising "Champagne H. Gardet Epernay." Marked DEPOSE.

The scissors has a single opening for the cigar cut and the worm folds out from a channel which keeps it from moving from side to side when in use.


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©1999 Donald A. Bull