A South African Corkscrew Patent

November 16, 1999

A combination jar wrench, tin opener, and corkscrew. The jar wrench is adjusted by moving the leather strap. Marked MASTER EZE OPENER. R.E.Collier 957 Umgeni Road Durban Pat 53 22793.

The patent is South African. Applied for 4th May 1953. Application number 1230/53. Granted on 6th September 1955. The applicant was Reginald Edward Collier, and the title "A new & improved bottle and tin opener."

...thanks to Marilyn Callow of the British Library for the patent information.

I contacted South Africa collector Herbert Rajak(right in photo) in hopes of finding more information on this invention.

Herbert found Mr. Collier alive and well at Collier Tool & Die in Durban.

Collier demonstrates the jar wrench. After snugging up the leather strap on the jar top, an easy pull on the handle easily removes the most stubborn top.

Collier was awarded a Gold Medal from the Royal Agricultural Society of Natal for his invention.

Collier with employee Zulu Buthelezi who has worked for him for 50 years.

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