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Metrokane's Velvet (left) and Flip-Top (right) corkscrews are essentially the same design. The Flip-Top has handles that flip up and down for use and storage. Both have very convenient two blade foil cutters built into both sides of the upper part of the contoured frame. A really great feature is the shape of the bottom portion of the frame. When the flexible legs are placed over the bottle neck, there are shoulders which rest on the top of the bottle. With the frame in place, the worm can be easily turned on center into the cork for smooth extraction. The rubberized grip gives both of these corkscrews a nice feel.


The Faucet by Metrokane has a two blade foil cutter built into the base of the frame. Like the Velvet and Flip-Top shoulders are convenient stops in the frame to rest on the bottle neck. The faucet handle says "wine" and turning that handle is a short step away from opening the flow of wine. It makes a nice gift and does its job well.

The Velvet, Flip-Top, and Faucet all come in fine presentation packaging.

Riki Kane founded Metrokane in 1984 to market housewares. Bob Larimer was a successful adman but sold his agency to join his wife, Riki, in her American dream success. Other than corkscrews, Metrokane's best known housewares products are the "Mighty OJ" Citrus Juicer, the "Retro" Ice Crusher, the "Faucet" Pepper Mill, the "Bullet" Cocktail Shaker, "Pasta Time" Pasta Cooker, and "The Milk Box"--a caddy for cartons of milk or juice. Metrokane introduced the Faucet™ corkscrew in 1997 and have since developed the Flip-Top™ Corkscrew, the Velvet™ Corkscrew, and the Rabbit™ corkscrew. The product line is designed by Metrokane and manufactured in the Far East.

Donald A. Bull, Corkmaster
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November 2, 2000

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