Perky Porky

A recent museum acquistion was a pig's rear end with folding worm in the original package. The polished aluminum pig also has a cap lifter. These can be found screwed into the backside or riveted. The pig was also available painted versions and with hair.

A quick search of the Internet turned up a Stanley Hamilton Cornwall. An email to him about the Cornwall Company brought an immediate and interesting response...

"It was indeed a shock to hear from you concerning Perky Porky!

Yes, I am the Cornwall of Hamilton O. Cornwall Co., Inc. which operated until 1967 as Cornwall Wood Products. I purchased the business from my father December of 1967 and in 1970 changed the name to Cornwall Industries, Inc. The reason for the change of name was to rapid growth and diversification with an eye towards selling stock and possibly someday going public. Having literally grown up in the business I needed only to give it the youth and energy that it lacked at the time and we grew very rapidly. In 1974 I sold my controlling interest in the company to a group of investors that were more ambitious than I was at the time as I was trying to slow down the growth of the company due to always outrunning our ability to finance the rapid growth. With the loss of a visionary, the new owners were unable to hire anyone to perform that function successfully and ultimately filed for Chapter 11 sometime around 1980. The company was purchased out of Chapter 11 by Himark of New York City. Himark was a Houseware company that dealt in imported as well as domestic goods. Himark want bankrupt two years ago and the company ceases to exist much to my sadness.

With regards to the corkscrew, I can only remember that it was produced as late as 1951 or 1952. After that the line changed considerably due to the advent of Japanese imports. I never saw any paper work that would have indicated that the patent was completed. My poor memory is due to that fact that at the time I was only thirteen years only and not the least bit interested in such things.

I am retired as the former President of Reed & Barton Giftsources which was a division of Reed & Barton Silversmiths. My current endeavors are with my son Stan Jr. who has an International Sales & Marketing Company. We employ many salesman and represent approximately thirty different giftware manufacturers and sell to the Gift & Decorative Accessory Industry. Hope that this is of some help to you!"


Stanley H. Cornwall, Sr.

Ron MacLean's painted Perky Porky.

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