Zenobia Los Angeles 1906

This "peg and worm" corkscrew is Edwin Walker's September 28, 1898 U. S. Patent No. 611,046.

Walter G. Metcalfe from the Zenobia Shrine Temple in Toledo Ohio says "Zenobia Shrine Temple was established in 1899. I am convinced that the corkscrew was from the National Shrine Convention in California. The Convention takes place at the city where the Imperial Potentate Resides.

All of the Shrine temples would have attended that event to elect the Imperial Pote of North America. This is a big event that is still done to this day. The Shrine was established in about 1875. Five Masons agreed to form a fraternity that would have fun. Some traveled to the Mid East, Turkey, and Egypt (home of the Red Fez). They came back with all the exotic names for their temples.

The Shrine built the first hosptial for children. There are now 22 hospitals for children treating at no cost. This is the largest philanthropic society in the world.

The Zenobia Shrine is still active with 3800 members. I will be the Grand Popa (Illustrius Potentate) this year of 2002."

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