Richman Brothers

The nickel silver handles on this knife depict what Richman Brothers Company described in 1928 as "The World's Greatest Clothing Factory." Richman was established in Cleveland in 1879 and knife has this message: "Richman Family Home, Silver Anniversary, 1916 - 1941. In Cleveland the Making of a City by William Ganson Rose (World Publishing, 1950) we learn, "...the first unit of the Richman Brothers factory at 1600 East 55th Street opened in 1916."*

*Information courtesy of Maureen Mullin, Librarian, Cleveland Public Library.

Richman's 1928 "Official Road Map" gave the addresses of 31 Richman stores in 30 cities. A client could buy a suit, a topcoat, or a tuxedo in any of these stores for $22.50. If no stores were convenient, catalogs and woolen samples were available by mail.

A 1916 Richman Bros. Co. catalog.


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