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1877 Corkscrew Collectors

I was told that this three inch high plaque was originally mounted on a leather and wood box which contained the corkscrew depicted on it. The engraving on the plaque is "SOCIETA DEL TIRABUSCION.FONDATA. LA NOTTE. DAL.25.AL26.OTTOBRE.1877.MILANO." My interpretation which I will correct on this page if I get further input is that a corkscrew collectors' club was founded in Milan, Italy in October, 1877.

Here is the corkscrew that was in the box. One end is engraved "Josè Mantegani, Montevideo." The family of Jose Mantegani in Uruguay said he was a great corkscrew collector, and that it was his favorite piece, that´s why it´s reproduced on the plate that they used on his expositions.

Is it possible that a corkscrew collecting society was formed in Milan in 1877, Josè attended, and all attendees were presented with a corkscrew like this engraved with their name? Because the corkscrew is engraved "Josè Mantegani, Montevideo," one would have to assume that he either traveled to Milan for the meeting or received his corkscrew some other way.

The other end is engraved with a script letter "R" and "Pelitti."

Is this the manufacturer? The founder of the club?

The corkscrew closed.

The person in Uruguay that sold me this corkscrew reports "I have to say that unfortunately the Mantegani family sold all their stuff and went to live to Italy." He could not supply further details but would try to connect with the family.

Does anyone out there know anything about the Milan Corkscrew Society, Josè Mantegani from Montevideo, Uruguay, or R. Pelliti?


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