Calmare Nyckel Key

Both sides of this key read "Calmare Nyckel." The key bit is plainly marked SVENSKT TENN GAB (assay mark) N8. Svenskt Tenn is the manufacturer, Stockholm was the place of assay, and N8 is the year date 1938.

Buster Berntson, co-author of says "I haven´t come across the patent paper yet but I believe this corkscrew was sold at our biggest department store in Stockholm called NK ( Nordiska Kompaniet). Calmare Nyckel was one of the two ships that sailed from Sweden to Delaware in 1638 and founded the Swedish colony there in the town of Wilmington. Delaware was then Swedish for some years until it was sold to USA."

Buster owns another Calmare Nyckel corkscrew which has a 1938 (M8) year date. It has "Calmare Nyckel" on one side and "1638 - Delaware - 1938" on the opposite. In addition it has "Patent 77282."

Scandinavian Corkscrews was authored by Buster Berntson and Per Ekman. It was published in 1994. For further details email Buster at


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