2000 Year Old Corkscrew

Do you know there that were three others placed on crosses when Jesus was crucified?

You know about Barrabas and Simon. But do you know about Buffy?

The photographer on the site had the fourth (Buffy) behind him when he shot the scene 2000 years ago. So Buffy did not appear in the Photograph and Buffy was forgotten. Forgotten - until now!

The recent discovery of this crucifix corkscrew has shed new light on the event. A little research has turned up some important information on Buffy. Buffy's family pleaded with Pontius Pilate to forgive and release him. Pontius immediately took a liking to Buffy's younger sister and agreed.

Several weeks later Pontius invited the family for a celebration. Much to their surprise Pontius had a corkscrew crafted with Buffy's name on it. He used this corkscrew to open the evening wine.

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