Corkscrews were not used for only wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Corkscrews were used in the past to remove corks from bottle containing medicine, ink, mouthwash, hair products, etc

Many of the companies that sold their products in corked bottles, put their advertising on the corkscrew included with the bottle. Many did not so one is more likely to find a miniature corkscrew without advertising than with

Here are miniature corkscrews which have been cataloged to date.

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Advertising on Corkscrew Corkscrew Type Bottle Advertising
Adamsons Cough Balsam Yellow Flat Metal
B & W Company, Manufacturing Chemist Wire
Bailey H & C Pure Rye Flat Metal Tag on wire
Bailey's H & C Wire
Baileys Pure Rye Flat Metal Bright Yellow
Baileys Pure Rye Gold Flat Metal
Bell-Ans Wire Bell-Ans for Indigestion, Orangeburg, New York
Benetol Wire
Big G Flat Metal The Evans Chemical Co., Big G., Cincinnati, O.
Boschees German Syrup Flat Metal
Bovinine Gray Flat Metal
Bovinine Large Wire
Brown's Iron Bitters / The Best Bitters Green Flat Metal
Bull's Cough Syrup Wire Dr. J. W. Bulls Cough Syrup, Baltimore
Bull's Cough Syrup Yellow Flat Metal Bull's Cough Syrup, Baltimore
Campho-Phenique Wire Phenique Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Carter's Inks Red Flat Metal (2 sizes) Carter's Raven Black Ink
Caustic Balsam Wire Gombault's Caustic Balsam, Cleveland, O.
Clar-O-Type Wire
Clough's Patent, July 22, 1884 Oversize Flat Metal
Cloughs Medicine Flat Clock
Clover (Possibly Glover) Wire
Cummings Sarsaparilla Yellow Flat Metal
Devoe & Co., F. W., N.Y. Wire
Duratol Developer Yellow Flat Metal
Emulson de Scott Green Flat Metal
Eugene Ltd Wire
Ferroleum Flat Metal
Gargling Oil Wire
Glover Wire Glover's Imperial Mange Medicine
Glover Wire Glover's Imperial Blood Purifier for Animals
Goff's Wire Mineral Water, St. Louis
Goff's Wire Original No-Dope Cough Syrup, Est. 1872, Camden, N.J.
Goff's Wire Goff's Bitters, LeRoy, N.Y.
Goldman's Gray Hair Restorer, Mary T. Blue Flat Metal
Goldmans Grey Hair Restorer, Mary T., St. Paul, Minn. Wire Mary T. Goldman's Hair Restorer, St. Paul, Minn.
Gottschall Products Wire
Great A & P Tea Co's Extracts Flat Metal Red tag on wire
Green's August Flower Yellow Flat Metal Remedy for Catarrh, Iowa
Guadalupana Med. Co. Wire Nashville, Tenn.
Gunst & Co., Richmond, Va Brown Flat Metal
Hall's Nicotine Wire
Hance Bros. & White, Philadelphia, Pharm'cl Chemist Beige Hanging Insert
Heller & Co., B., Chicago, U.S.A. Yellow Flat Metal
Herskovits Yellow Flat Metal
Hoppe's No. 9 Wire A Powder Solvent for Pistols, Trade Mark Hoppe's No. 9Sole Manufacturer: Frank A. Hoppe, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.
Horsfords Acid Phosphate Wire
Humphrey & Martins Finest Whiskies, Phil. Pa. Yellow Hand Tab on Wire
Huxley Wire
Jacobs, Atlanta Wire
Jefferson Club Gold Flat Metal
Jiffy Wire
Jomavar-Girardo Wire
Judson's Gold Paint Flat Metal
Kemp's Balsam Wire Kemp's Balsam for the Throat, Le Roy, N.Y.
Kendall's Wire
Kennedy, Donald Wire
Kepler Solution Cod Liver in Malt and Kepler Malt Extract. Inside Band: Voice Tabloids of Cocaine, Potash and Borax Flat Metal
Kikara Wire
Koch's Pepton Bouillon, Dr. Orange Flat Metal
Kohn, David, Phila. Pa. Wire
Lactopeptine for Dyspepsia / For Indigestion Red Flat Metal
Lambert's Syrup, Dr. J. O. Wire
Listerine Wire (3 sizes)
Listerine Yellow Flat Metal (red letters)
Listerine, Lambert Pharmacal Company Yellow Flat Metal (2 sizes)
Lloyd Brothers Wire
Lung Tonic Cures Coughs Green Flat Metal
Maconnell, James M., New York Yellow Flat Metal
Magee's Emulsion, C. K. Flat Metal
McLean Med. Co., Dr. J. H. Wire St. Louis, Mo.
Merrel, Jacob L. Yellow Flat Metal
Minards Linament Wire
Mizzy Wire
Mount Vernon Pure Rye Yellow Flat Metal
Mufti Wire Mufti Dry Cleaning, Miami Chemical, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nujol Wire Nujol (Mineral Oil from Standard Oil of N.J.)
Nye, William F. Wire Sportman's Oil, NY Oil, New Bedford, Mass
Nye, Inc., William F. Wire
Packer's Charm Wire
Panopepton Yellow Flat Metal
Paragon Wire
Paris Med. Co. Wire
Pat. July 22, 88 Flat Metal
Pearl Wedding Rye Red Hanging Insert
Plain Wire Kerr Dental Lubricant, Detroit, Mich.
Plain Wire Remington Typewrite Oil
Pompeian Wire
Prickley Ash Bitters Wire
Rawleigh Man, Compiments of Flat Metal Rawleigh's Cough Syrup, Freeport, Ill.
Red Star * Cough Cure Gold Flat Metal
Remington Wire
Remington Oil Wire
S.S.S. Wire
S.S.S. for the Blood Wire
St. Jacobs Oil Red Flat Metal
St. Jacobs Oil Made in U.S.A. Clough's Corkscrew Pat. July 22-84 Yellow Flat Metal
Sanmetto for Kidneys and Bladder Green Flat Metal
Say Aster Vanilla Flat Metal
Scotts Emulsion Green Flat Metal (2 sizes) Cod Liver Oil
Scotts Emulsion Wire
Seigel's Syrup Wire
Severa Wire
Ship-A-Hoy Wire
Sirop Matheiu's Syrup Wire Mathieu's Syrup for Coughs, Colds, Etc
Sirop Mathieu's 1884 Patent
Sirop Mathieu's Syrup 1884 Patent
Solyol Wire Surgical Antiseptic Disinfectant, Toronto, Ontario
Straus, Gunst & Co. Inc. Baltimore, Md. Gold Flat Metal
Taft's Asthmalene, Dr. Wire
Tippy Canoe Wire
Vogeler's Curative Compound Yellow Flat Metal  
Wakelee's Camelline Tan Flat Metal
Wakelee's Camelline White Flat Metal
Wampole's Wire Henry K. Wampole &; Company
Wampole's Wire H. K. Wampole Heroin Tablets
Warner's Log Cabin Remedies Yellow Flat Metal
Warner's Safe Cure Red Flat Metal
Warner's Safe Cure, Warner's Safe Remedies Co., Rochester, N.Y. / Tippecanoe Red Yellow Flat Metal
Weiss & Rausche Wire
Youth-O-Lede Hair Coloring Flat Metal
Z.M.O. for Pain Green Flat Metal


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