Corkscrew Matchbooks

A giant (3 1/2": x 4 1/4") matchbook from Lande's, Denver, Colorado*

Inside the Landes Matchbook

Giovanni, 66 East 55th St., New York City.


Le Tire Bouchon Cafe Bistro is in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

The matchbook on the right is from The Corkscrew, 2604-6 No. Kingshighway

Corkscrew I and II are wine & liquor stores in Denton, Texas

The Corkscrew Restaurant Trademark was first registered in Canada in 1977. The Registrant is Controlled Foods Corporation, Burnaby, B. C. and the owner is Keg Restaurants, Richmond, B. C.

Ron and Marilyn MacLean found four 7 1/4" pewter goblets from The Corkscrew restaurant. One of the goblets is marked USA on the outer rim.

*A gift from friend Art Johnson of Pennsylvania


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