Just for Openers

Just For Openers (JFO) is a national organization for collectors of bottle openers and corkscrews. Founded in 1979 by Don Bull of Wirtz, VA. JFO has over 300 members with most members collecting beer advertising openers and corkscrews. Members also collect soda advertising openers, figural cast iron bottle openers, can openers and non-advertising corkscrews. Membership dues are $20 per year and a quarterly newsletter of 40-50 pages is published. An annual convention is held each year. The 2001 JFO Convention will be in St. Joseph, Missouri, and the 2002 meeting will be in Virginia.

Newsletter editor maintains a Just for Openers website at: www.just-for-openers.org.

For further details contact John Stanley P. O. Box 64 Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0064; email: jfo@mindspring.com.

email: corkscrew@bullworks.net

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