Corkscrews in New Jersey

On Saturday, April 5, New Jersey put out the welcome mat for me. I returned home corkscrew enriched - my addiction sated until this fix wears off. Here's the catch of the day:

Nicely turned wood handle with steel barrel. No marks. This appears to be a Chinnock variation. Charles Chinnock's May 27, 1862 patent was for a self-pulling corkscrew. The drawing shows an open barrel for grasping the cork for easy removal. I had not seen the variation pictured here prior to my New Jersey excursion.
The corkscrew on the right is marked LE PRESTO, JHP, PARIS. It is Perille's French patent of July 1879. I have owned this one for a number of years. The corkscrew on the right is marked LESTO and is from the New Jersey trip. Note the different positions of the lever to the frame.
At left is an Italian brass four poster. 2nd is a rollover frame type distinctly marked R MURPHY BOSTON. 3rd is Murphy's Patent of April 23, 1901 (marked PAT APR 23 01 R MURPHY) for a self-puller variation with crown cap lifter. 4th is marked on the shank H BOKER & CO GERMANY. And...Coney & Co's 1854 English patented steel two-pillar corkscrew.
The pig with corkscrew and cap lifter is a August 16, 1949 Design Patent by Howard L. Ross of Connecticut, USA. I owned the red and black examples. The yellow pig is from New Jersey.
What can one say about this brass plated marvel other than "It's Nifty"?

....and the weather was good!


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©1997 Donald A. Bull