Did you drink and eat too much during the holiday season? Overstuffed with turkey? Too much Champagne? Feeling bad and time to go back to work? We think we can help. We looked for remedies. Grab a bunch of corkscrews and one of the bottles below.

Constipated? Heartburn? Inactive Bowels? Sour Stomach? Gas Belching? Embarassed by your Flatulence? A swig of Goff's Bitters should certainly help you.

Here's what the Bell Company offers: "Bell-Ans for Indigestion, pain, flatulence, nausea, vertigo, sour stomach, biliousness, colic, cramps, distress from overeating or drinking. Harmless pleasant to take and very effective. Dose: three or four tablets with water. Severe cases: six tablets dissolved in glass of hot water. Repeat as necessary. Price 25 cents (large size 75 cents), Bell Company, Inc., Orangeburg, New York, U.S.A."

Still feeling a little queasy from the holiday revelry? Here's some more pick-me-ups.

Heroin tablets? Really. From Wampole's, Pennsylvania.

And the most important remedy:


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