Emil Olsson, Eskilstuna, Sweden,

John Cataldo: I just found your site and I am interested in any info on Emil Olsson. I have a pocket knife designed by him in the 1950s for the Detroit Broach Company.

Don: Fredrick Emil Olsson founded his firm in 1896 in Eskilstuna, Sweden (the cutlery capital of Scandinavia). His was one of over 100 cutlery companies in Eskilstuna at the turn of the century. The firm produce hundreds of thousands of knives until it closed in 1967. Decorative and advertising knives were produced and shipped all over the world.

When you state that yours was specially designed for the Detroit Broach Company, do you mean that it was an advertising knife or something truly special made? Can you send me a picture for inclusion on the Q & A page of the Virtual Corkscrew Museum?

By the way, you may be interested in knowing that the Detroit Broach Company is alive and well. You can contact them at: 2750 Paldan Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Toll Free: 800-852-2320 - Voice: 248-370-0600 - Fax: 248-370-9110 Email: machines@dbcbroach.com

John faxed a picture of his knife which is a four blade knife with the same handles as shown on the Hammesfahr* patent below.

*In 1897 Gottlieb Hammesfahr of Solingen, Germany obtained a patent for his rather ingenious method of making a knife with a long corkscrew. The worm pivots on a pin horizontally 180° on one half of the upper arm. It is then lifted into position

The design on the knife handles is a design that was used by several cutlers in Eskilstuna. The lions are from the coat of arms of Sweden.

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