Myers Registered Design

Barry Mademann: I have a chrome plated direct pull cork pull in a sheath that becomes the T handle. "Made in England" is stamped under "REG2 717886". The end opposite the screw is a cap opener. Do you know anything about this opener?

Ron: Your corkscrew is an English 1925 Registered Design Picnic Corkscrew with a bright nickel plated brass combination pocket caplifter and wire helix and a nickel plated brass sheath. The caplifter head is often marked REGD 717886 REGD CANADA 37-7826 MADE IN ENGLAND. This corkscrew is an example of English Registration of December 19, 1925 and the Canadian Industrial Design Registration of December 28, 1927 issued to M. Myers & Son Ltd., 95 Charlotte Street, Birmingham, England. A small dimple midway on the snap on sheath positions the caplifter head midway for pulling. This corkscrew was featured in the 1989 publication Common Corkscrews II on Picnic Corkscrews

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