Corkscrews from Israel

Dina writes: I have a corkscrew that is made in Israel and it looks like one of those Egiptian dogs... I'm not sure what they are called but I think they are some kind of God. It looks really old but in great condition. I'm really interested in figuring out if it's worth anything and i figured i could at least ask you... If you know anything please e-mail me.... Thanks and I'm sorry for bothering you...

Don: Thank you for sending the picture. I agree with you that the figure does look somewhat like one of those Egyptian Godlike figures. Dog was one of my first thoughts when I first got one several years ago. Then I said "Nope, this one has a mane - it's a lion." I took a picture of my lion with four other pieces that are apparently from the same manufacturer. The dog at top left and the donkey at top right are both marked Made in Israel. The Dachsund and the lion are not marked (not much space) but have the same verdigris finish and the same worm. They are interesting decorative corkscrew for the backbar but not very practical in cork removal.

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