Silver Corkscrew

Owen Paulson: Here is a photo of a roundlet corkscrew that I've been trying to identify the mark on. I believe it's a manufacturer's mark, but I haven't been able to determine whose it is. It's been suggested that it might be a partial mark ( due to the limited space on the end ). It has a bayonet style closure that appears to be based on Roy Huffs 1887 patent. Can you help?
Ron: Several years ago I went through a search trying to find out information on a similar silver mark on a Haff type roundlet. I could not find it in the Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers by Dorothy Rainwater (Third Edition Revised) but as my example has the upper shaft marked indistinctly but clearly GERMANY it may be a German manufactures mark (see below). I would appreciate being contacted should you find out anything about the trademark.

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