Glen Garry Jugs

Ken Carpenter: I recently acquired a 7" Glen Garry blended Scotch Whisky container. How old is it?

Ron: Every corkscrew collector should/must have a John Hopkins & Co., Scotland, Glen Garry Scotch Whisky jug with the corkscrew logo. They were manufactured in Scotland in great numbers in at least six different versions all with a corkscrew trademark.

They were made in different sizes, shapes, handle & neck variations, colours and advertising content. In the mid 20th century they were marketed with the American importer S.S. Pierce Co. Boston, Massachusetts. The smaller sizes with two handles were made well into the 20th century. Whisky jugs are quiet common and not that difficult to find - examples often surface on Ebay.

This Glen Garry Jug is marked with two lines in Spanish indicating approval in 1961 to import by a ministry in Venezuela: REGISTRATO EN EL MINISTERIO DE SANIDAD Y ASISTENCIA SOCIAL BAJO EL NO. 9519 CON FECHA 4/10/61

Corkscrew collectors may be lucky enough to find a Williamson corkscrew with a Walker caplifter bell with the handle marked "S.S. PIERCE CO. BOSTON":

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