Cameron Mystery

Kenn Cameron recently spotted a box of these at a Massachusetts show. He bought a couple of them and, sadly, left the rest behind (still kicking himself!). Any thoughts Ron?

Ron: It is well made, stamped out of a piece of sheet steel and fitted with a small wire helix identical to the ones found on a common Nifty. The helix rests neatly and firmly in the folded position. The crown caplifter is well designed but the tool on the other end has me puzzled. The opening necks in, unlike a normal wrench, and has a small slit cut in on one inner side which is really weird. The necked in portion of the opening is filed to a point on both sides to be possibly used as a neck wrap cutter.

It is just a guess, but I think with the Clough/Williamson's helix, it is possibly American although I have never seen anything like it before.

It is a little ugly but remember it looks much better in person. It is like a blind date description - "she's not that nice looking but she has a great personality!"

Anyone know anything about this tool?

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