Bung Floggers

Glenn Takakjian: Would you perchance have a photo of an old style (circa 1850...1860) bung hammer used to pop the bung on an old beer keg? Also something called a SHIVE that was put into the top bung hole to allow air in? I'm sure this is a strange request but I am doing a 3D animation and want to be as accurate as possible. Your website suggests that you're the kind of guy who might actually have photos of this sort of thing.

Ron: I have nothing in my collection as early as a circa 1805/1860 bung flogger. I doubt if the shape changed much over the years. Above is a picture of a two typical circa 1900 bung floggers used to start the bung out of the bung stave by striking the bung stave close to the bung. The upper one is an English/American type (19" long) and the lower example is a typical French type (22.5") long from the Loire valley in France. I am sorry but I do not know what you mean by a shive to vent a barrel. By definition (Dictionary of Tools by R.A. Salaman) a shive is a wooden disc used to stop (close) the hole of a cask. In other words it is another term for a bung.

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