Helping Hands

What could be more appropriate than shaking hands with your corkscrew to open a fine bottle of wine?

Above: The mini brass handle corkscrew on the left measures 2" high and his big brother is double his height. The corkscrew on the right has a mother-of-pearl hand gripping a gold plated bar.

Left: An early 19th century two pillar frame with ivory hand gripping bar.

Right: T-handle in form of two joined wooden arms with pointing fingers; a bar spinner made by Brown & Bigelow, Minnesota; and a hand gripping a serpent ring.

Left: Three picnic corkscrews:

  • White celluloid fist
  • Brass marked D.R.G.M. 99881
  • Claw with sheath marked CANADA.

The D.R.G.M. is an 1898 German design registration by Pfeiffer and Weber from Steinbach-Hallenberg.

  • Left: Indian figure with cap lifter in the base which is a sheath for the hand corkscrew.
  • Combination corkscrew / cap lifter with can opener on the side.
  • Hand with folding corkscrew stands on a silver base.

The helping hand holds a cap lifter in the palm.

Stoppers and corkscrews with figures pulling corks:.

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