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Heinz Hohn is a corkscrew collector in Germany. He is an expert in corkscrews from the East German firm "Dreko" and has the most complete collection of their products. In his book, Dreko Drehteile und Korkenzieher, Heinz presents a chronicle of the firm from it's 1958 combination of three firms until its breakup in 1992. Most of his collection is detailed with color photographs.

When the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts held its 2000 meeting in Germany, Heinz set up a fantastic display of Dreko corkscrews at the Hotel Wartburg in Eisenach.

Various types were housed in their own "cages."

Dreko Direct Pulls.

Dreko Frames.

Dreko Waiters' Friends including a display model.

Dreko figurals including sets with stoppers and cap lifters.

More Dreko Figurals.

Dreko "Horn" handles.

If you have Dreko corkscrews for sale or trade, write to Heinz at:

  • Heinz Hohn
  • Mintropstrasse 19
  • 45239 Essen
  • Germany
  • Telephone: 02 01 / 49 24 30

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