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Counter display card of Improved Nifty Bottle Opener and Corkscrew. "Heavier, Stronger, Better. Nickel-plated. The easy way to start a cork, lift up on handle. Nifty trademark, copyright Vaughan, patented and sustained. One dozen combination bottle opener with cork screw No. 63-C improved. Made in U. S. A. Card printed in Chicago. Sold all over the world."

This combination cap lifter and corkscrew was invented by Harry L. Vaughan in 1916 and was sold by the millions in subsequent years. Harry introduced his 1927 Vaughan Novelty Manufacturing catalog with "The ever growing business coming to me from all sections of the world, serves to increase the feelings of responsibility I have always felt towards my friends among the Bottlers. Their loyalty incurs upon me the duty not only of maintaining the quality and service that brings me their yearly specifications, but of constantly improving, by every possible means, the machinery of factory and office by which I serve these valued friends." In the 1927 catalog, the Nifty was offered at prices varying from $18 for 250 to $50 per thousand for 10,000. This was a significant increase from the $10 for 250 and $22.50 per thousand for 10,000 offered in 1919. The Nifty was available with a corkscrew, a screw driver, or a button hook.

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