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Maxram Corkscrew

The Maxram picnic style corkscrew was made by a wealthy family in Thun (near Bern), Switzerland. The company was called Gebr. Aeschlimann AG. The two brothers ran the company. Their father, who passed away in the late 60s, invented the corkscrew. The Maxram began selling in the mid 60s. The triangular twin spiral bites into the cork and starts the cork turning. You simply "unscrew" the cork from the bottle in a continuous clockwise motion.

By 1975 there were at least two Italian imitations on the market. It was these poor imitations that eroded the Swiss firm's market. They decided to cease production at that time. They didn't really need the money so it just disappeared. An American distributor, Franmara, started its business with the introduction of the Maxram.

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