Look closely and you will see that this unusual corkscrew has worms for both lefthanders and righthanders! Klaus Pumpenmaier had this corkscrew produced by corkscrew maker Norbert Holland-Cunz of Steinbach-Hallenberg, Germany. The handle is from cherrywood and was turned by August Huhn in South Thuringia. Klaus had a limited production of 22 corkscrews for a few good friends (Klaus, Thank you for the left-right corkscrew!...Don Bull)

The Korkmaster was a Design Patent (#148,810) issued to Marshall T. McDowell of New Jersey on Feb. 24, 1948.

Champagne knives including a rare one with corkscrew.

A corkscrew (?) for the alcoholic!

For the gentleman.


These are corksizers used by apothecaries. The cork is wetted and inserted into a slot in the sizer. The cork is compressed when the handle is lowered.

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