Cocktails for Two (1997)

My late April "Corkscrew" find came to me from Philadelphia:

The leather case containing the cocktail shaker is 10" high. Two cups and a cover are nested on top of the shaker.
The bottom of the shaker is marked D.R.G.M. 951628. That is a 1926 German Patent.
All parts are marked MADE IN GERMANY.
At left are the two cups. At right is the cocktail strainer cover. At top is the strainer removed from the shaker. A view of the contents of the shaker is at the bottom.
When the shaker is "unpacked" we find:
  • Two flasks
  • Two mixing spoons
  • A funnel
  • A picnic type corkscrew
The sheath of the corkscrew slips though the top to form the handle.
Now all we need is booze, a blanket and a picnic lunch!

....shake it up and pour!

May 1, 1997. Klaus Pumpenmeier from Germany writes: The German Patent Office sent me this information on your find: : DRGM 951 628, Date. 31. May 1926 Geraet zur Herstellung und Aufbewahrung von Mischgetraenken. A. N. Schmidt & Co., Offenbach a. M.
My dictionary says: Geraet=tool or utensil or implements or apparatus; Herstellung=manufacture or production or making; Aufbewahrung=keeping or preservation or storage; Mischgetraenk=shake


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©1997 Donald A. Bull