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Updated March 25, 2006

Corkscrew Collectors and Dealers
Chris Barge English Corkscrew Dealer
Christopher Bristow Corkscrew Central
Don Bull The Virtual Corkscrew Museum
Andre Burgos Corkscrews for Sale
Alf Erickson Corkscrews, Balloons and Elephant Polo
Joel Goodman Corkscrews for Sale
Michael & Roberta Gordon Corkscrews for Sale
Ken Hark Corkscrews for Sale
Rolf Herrmann A German Collector's Homepage
Raj and Justine Kanodia Corkscrew Information / Photos
Josef L'Africain Josef's collection
Wayne Meadows World's largest collection of bar corkscrews
Joseph Paradi "Where the corkscrew world meets"
Ferd Peters A Dutch Collector's Homepage
Bob Roger The "Screwy" Toolman
Tom Staley Alligator Corkscrews in Florida
John Stanley Just for Openers
Dean Walters Corkscrews for Sale

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