Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club

The Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club was founded in the Spring of 1981 when a group of corkscrew collectors in Canada answered an advertisement from Dave Dakers in the Opimium Society's magazine, Wine Tidings. It called for all fellow members interested in corkscrew collecting to confess their habit and get together and form an organization to foster and promote further their interest in this "unique hobby." From this innocent beginning, the club has grown and prospered to the present time, with a membership of 300, encompassing at least 16 countries. Objective of the CCCC: To further knowledge, promote interest, and communicate about antique corkscrews and cork pullers. To assist fellow members in building collections by publishing "want lists", list of corkscrews for sale or trade, and, if possible, participate in buy/sell/swap sessions at Annual General Meetings.

The first meeting of the CCCC was held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was hosted by the Seagram Museum. The unique opportunity to meet face to face with other equally twisted colleagues was appreciated by all who attended and resulted in this becoming an annual occurrence.

The meetings give members the opportunity to get better acquainted, share information, participate in a "Buy 'n Sell" session, contribute to the "Show 'n Tell" session, and take part in the Corkscrew Auction which is free of commissions. The accent of the annual meetings are the "First Loves" - Corkscrews. Members and their "Second Loves" (Spouses or Significant Others) also attend several social events during the weekend to promote peace and harmony on the home front of many an ardent collector. The annual meeting is a good excuse to tag on a holiday in an interesting area.

The CCCC publishes four informative newsletters each year called The Quarterly Worme. The newsletter is usually packed with 40 pages of stories, comments, published articles, advertisements, and old Trade Catalog extracts - all about corkscrews. Although it is not mandatory, many members send out photographs and descriptions of their "Best Six" finds of the year. This allows members to learn more about types and models not previously seen by them.

Membership in the CCCC is open to collectors and dealers alike. It is for anyone with an interest in and an enthusiasm for corkscrews. There are almost no rules. The annual dues is currently $48 and entitles members to four copies of the newsletter, a chance to participate in the annual meeting, and a complete contact list of other members. Note: Membership is for the calendar year. New members will receive all newsletters for year in which they join. A collector joining in the second half of the year will receive the back issues for the year with renewal due for the following year. You may submit the application for the current year and the following year with $96.

"There are other things in life besides collecting corkscrews ... but not much." Ron MacLean, c.1984

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