A bulldog is short-haired dog of a breed with a large head It has square, strong jaws and a stocky body. It is known to be a stubborn dog. Could one ask for better such qualities in a corkscrew? Here are some "bulldog" corkscrews:
  • The Sterling Bulldog at top left serves double duty as a corkscrew and cork stopper. He was made by the R. Blackinton & Co., of Attleboro, Massachusetts and sports their logo.
  • Armed Bulldog is marked REGD NO 844318 which is an English Registered Design of 1945.
  • Brass two finger pull with hanging hole says BULLDOG on the platform the bull stands on.
  • The cast Bulldog on the right is unmarked.
  • Carved tusk Bulldog has a silver collar.
  • On the lower left is a cigar shaped Roundlet. The "cigar" holds the worm which turns perpendicular to the case when opened. The case is screwed back together and serves as the handle. The "cigar band" around the center has a Bulldog on it.
  • Note that the Bulldog at lower center is the only Bulldog with the tail serving as the corkscrew.
  • The Bulldog at lower right was made in the 1940's by the Syracuse Ornamental Company (SYROCO) of Syracuse, New York.

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