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There are a number of currently produced corkscrews shown throughout Boxes Full of Corkscrews. Many of these corkscrews have been in production for many years with changes taking place primarily in package designs to keep up with the times. The final chapter in the book features some current producers and distributors of corkscrews.

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Epic Products was founded in 1978 to manufacture and market a patented product called the TipTop Reusable Wine Cork. Epic Products was the first company to introduce acrylic stemware that has the look and feel of glass. With the great success of these products, the company expanded into a full service company offering a large selection of corkscrews, bottle stoppers, wine racks, barware, and gift packaging.


In 1970, wine lover Frank Chiorazzi started a corkscrew manufacturing business in his garage in Woodland Hills, California. While his wife, Marie, ran the business in the mornings, Frank worked as a floor member of the Pacific Stock Exchange in Los Angeles. After work, he would head home to their business Franmara, Inc.

In 1974 Frank and Marie moved the business to a warehouse and by 1978, Frank was in the business fulltime. In 1990 the company moved to a new 45,000-sq. ft. warehouse in Salinas. Today the family-owned business wholesales an extensive selection of corkscrews, many of which are shown throughout this book.


Legnoart products are made in Omegna, Italy near Milan. The family owned business is run by Enrico Albertini who designs most of the products. His corkscrews, including Chianti, Barolo, Arneis, Delfino, and Farfalla, are artistic marriages of wood and stainless steel. These functional designs are individual packaged in wooden boxes with sliding covers. To showcase his extensive line of kitchen products, his catalog for retailers is bound in an impressive wood and leather cover.


Morel-Bellein was founded in 1936. Their advertising says “We forge corkscrew spirals for penknife makers, café owners, wine waiters, advertising goods, and household wares. The company can produce spirals with all types of handles and materials, using high technology equipment and production tools with a very precise degree of flexibility.”


In 1990, Sam Farber, founder of Copco, began producing the OXO Good Grips line of kitchen accessories in answer to his questions "Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can't there be wonderfully comfortable tools that are easy to use?” Sam’s tools are described by the firm as “ergonomically designed, transgenerational tools that appeal to the broadest possible market.” OXO was purchased in 1992 by General Housewares Corporation, Terre Haute, Indiana. Their catalog offers: “Choose from GOOD GRIPS CorkPull with its soft turning knob, the Winged Corkscrew with its smooth, contoured wings, or the handy Waiter’s Corkscrew that fits in your pocket.”

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