Here is an email from response from Jack Bandy to the posting of "Boxes Full of Corkscrews."

"Well, I'll be damned!!! So that's what happened to that trash bag full of shredded paper that guy stole that night. You won't believe this, but about 5 weeks ago, as I was putting out the trash late one night for the trash pick up next morning, this little guy runs up out of the shadows and grabs this bag full of this shredded paper. I yelled at him and ran after him for about 5 blocks but couldn't catch him. Well, I was really (censored), so I called the police and within about 5 minutes, they caught him, but not before he had disposed of most of the shredded paper. After about 5 minutes of LAPD special interrogation techniques, the little guy confessed that he was stealing the shredded paper for a guy he'd only talked to on the phone--a guy named Barney or Bernie--but, he didn't know any last name. Well, the little guy was tried and convicted of felony grand theft-paper shreddings, and is now serving 15 years to life in Alcatraz (or maybe it's Folsom). When my credit card started having problems earlier this month, I was certain this had something to do with it.

Anyway, then the story gets even more bizzaar when late one night last week there's this terrible pounding on the front door. It's another little guy who literally drops these boxes at the door step, hands me a note and says, "Don aska no queshtions, an dew likea the note say, an yew an yor family no geta hurt." Well, you can imagine. So, I read the note which said to send these boxes directly to you and not open them if I knew what was good for me! I had no idea who they were from, but as you can imagine, I feared for my life, and so I followed directions to the letter.

And, I guess that's how the shredded paper got to you. It's hard to believe, but that's the way it was. I had nothing to do with it. But, some how I think your friend Bernie had a hand in this. I hope he has seen your web site and knows that I did like I was told so he won't come after me. If you see him, please tell him."

[...sure...Jack...we can buy that story!!!...db]


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