Just for Openers


Russ Adler: I am just getting started collecting bottle and can openers. Before I received your book, I had no idea what was out there for openers. I took the book to work and now I`m having a hard time getting it back. Now I know whats out there to collect and it will make collecting more enjoyable. The color illistrations are great! On pg.83 I noticed a Adler Brau resealer that I never knew existed.Thank You for the great book.

John Fisher: John - I just received a copy of the new Just For Openers book, and can't put it down. Don and yourself have created an outstanding reference guide. I can't wait to see the Soda Opener guide when it is finished.

Jack Westall: Don - You and John Stanley did a great job in publishing Just for Openers. I appreciate your efforts in providing this reference for this hobby we share.

Robert Sommer: John - Your work with Don Bull is outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Bill Sell: The JFO Book arrived today in fine shape, packed well, and just as described. Thanks to both of you for an outstanding job once again putting these twisted pieces together in some semblance of order.

Gene Sorrel: I received my opener books today and love them. You guys did an excellent job. Congratulations

Ernie Thoms: I just received the "Just for Openers" book. The photos and descriptions are great. This book will enhance my enjoyment of opener collecting.

David Hoffman: Just a quick note the new opener book is great. More than worth the wait and cost.

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