William Rockwell Clough:

Inventor and Manufacturer of over a Billion Corkscrews

by Ron MacLean and Bob Nugent

William Rockwell Clough features:

  • 136 (8 1/2" x 11") pages
  • 300 Pictures and Drawings
  • Published 2004
The William Rockwell Clough: Inventor and Manufacturer of over a Billion Corkscrews book was first published on the Internet in 2002 in The Virtual Corkscrew Museum. This enabled Ron MacLean to update the book on a regular basis as more information / photos were found. Now the book is without a doubt the most complete book on one of the greatest corkscrew inventors / manufacturers of all time.

You will be fascinated by the life history of Clough woven with over 300 black and white photographs and drawings with detailed descriptions and corkscrew tales. You will find photos and information on all 43 patents issued / related to Clough.

You will find information on Clough type corkscrews produced outside the USA. There's a list of cataloged mini advertising corkscrews. And much more.

All of the chapters are arranged for enjoyable reading and research.

Table of Contents:


The Early Years 1844-1877

Clough & Williamson 1877-1882

Post Williamson 1882-1890

New Hampshire Years 1890-1920

Post Clough Era from 1920

Exhibition Participation

Clough Related Corkscrew Patents 1875-1879

Clough Related Corkscrew Patents 1880-1889

Clough Related Corkscrew Patents 1890-1900

Clough Related Corkscrew Patents 1901-1920

Williamson & Walker

Leonard Gray's Patent

Clough Corkscrew Inspirations

Other Clough Patents


Clough Patent List

Miniature Advertising Corkscrews

Clough Trade Cards

Ayer's Trade Cards

German Catalogs


Recommended Reading

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