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April 2004 - The William Rockwell Clough book was first published on the Internet in 2002 in The Virtual Corkscrew Museum. This enabled Ron MacLean to update the book on a regular basis as more information / photos were found. Now the book is without a doubt the most complete book on one of the greatest corkscrew inventors / manufacturers of all time.

You will be fascinated by the life history of Clough woven with over 300 black and white photographs and drawings with detailed descriptions and corkscrew tales. You will find photos and information on all 43 patents issued / related to Clough.

You will find information on Clough type corkscrews produced outside the USA. There's a list of cataloged mini advertising corkscrews. And much more.

All of the chapters are arranged for enjoyable reading and research.

The book has 136 pages (8 1/2" x 11"). It is perfect bound. William Rockwell Clough: Inventor and Manufacturer of Over a Billion Corkscrews is available only from Bullworks.

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April 2004 - This new book contains 437 Corkscrew Patent drawings of Japan. Many of the drawings will amaze and delight you. You may now be able to identify some of the unusual corkscrews in your collection. There are a lot of corkscrews we corkscrew collectors have never seen in print and this book will open up a whole new world of corkscrew collecting.

The corkscrew patents have been divided into the four eras and prong pullers, cork ejectors, and cork retrievers are included in separate chapters. Total patents in each chapter are:

  • Mutsuhito (Meiji) Era: 57 (The first one was issued in 1901)
  • Yoshihito (Taishô) Era: 32
  • Hirohito (Shôwa) Era: 195 (32 are pre WWII)
  • Akihito (Heisei era) Era: 73
  • Prong Puller: 35
  • Cork Ejector: 33
  • Cork Retriever: 12

The book has 254 pages (8 1/2" x 11"). It is perfect bound. Corkscrew Patents of Japan is available only from Bullworks.

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