Mother-of Pearl Legs Corkscrew

When I first moved to Smith Mountain Lake, I placed a classified advertisement in the Smith Mountain Eagle in search of corkscrews. The ad was scheduled for a four week run. Four weeks went by and I had no calls. Sad. Then, in the beginning of the fifth week, Joan called. She described a small corkscrew in the shape of legs with mother-of-pearl handles. I needed to go see it.

Smith Mountain Lake is a man made lake formed by building a dam at the confluence of the Blackwater and Roanoke Rivers. It is 40 miles long with 500 miles of shoreline. Joan lives on the opposite side of the Blackwater River from me.
So how could I get to Joan's house? I could go in my Sebring. But that would take 45 minutes to an hour by going West to the bridge, over the bridge and then East.
Yes, that is the license plate.
Or I could go in my boat. That would take a short time. A far better option and, on a gorgeous day, why not?
It took seven minutes by boat to get to Joan's place, dock, and climb the stairs to her home. We chatted about collectibles and I bought the legs. They are the mini legs (bottom left) joining my other minis with stripes and in silver. The normal size legs are shown at bottom right for size comparison.


Don Bull, August 24, 1998


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