Bull's 2003 Best Six


This year a few of my friends are using corkscrews to open their New Year’s treat.

Tall figure: Like Humpty Dumpty, this 12 ¼” figure had a great fall. He arrived via Fedex from Brazil in a number of pieces but fortunately I was able to salvage most of him and glue him back together. Inside the base is marked PB 4/95. I don’t know if the 4/95 means produced in April 1995 (1895?) or it is a limited edition number 4 of 95 or what?

White figure: A bisque boy in colonial dress carrying a basket on his back.

Monk: A 7” wood carving with “Lourdes” sticker applied. The bottle is marked A C.

Blue man: This is a Schafer & Vater porcelain liquor bottle. There’s a cork on his back for filling / pouring. Marked MADE IN GERMANY on the bottom.

Right figure: An 8 ½” pottery figure advertising “Bols”. The figure is also a bottle stopper.

Background: The Tight Cork print signed Van Camp, Paris. On the back is written “Ducky’s Cabin, E. EL 2-10-47.

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