Mr. Bartender

From the 1940s and into the 1980s, Mr. Bartender offered the most extensive line of "hardware" for the home mixologist. In the product line were Mr. Bar Flo, Mr. Bar Swivel, Mr. Bar Starter, Mr. Peelmaster, Mr. Chips, Mr. PicStir, and Mr. Drop-Stir. Utensil sets included Mr. Twosome, Mr. Threesome, Mr. Sixsome, and Mr. Bar Duo. And we must not forget Mr. Bar Laddie and Mr. Bar Laddie Jr., the two jiggers with corkscrew secreted away in the handle.

The Packages

Left box is marked "Mr. Bartender Products, Inc., Florence, Kentucky."

Right box is marked "Mr. Bartender Products, Inc., Torrance, California."

Left box is marked "Mr. Bar Laddie Jr., Another Member of the Mr. Bartender Products, Torrance, California."

Right box is marked " "Mr. Bar Laddie, Another product of Modern Sales Company, Los Angeles, California."

Box is marked "Mr. Twosome, Another Member of the Mr. Bartender Products, Los Angeles, California."

This pourer comes in a box marked Los Angeles and another with this included: "U. S. Patent #176986, Florence, Kentucky." James McPhee of Culver City, California, was granted this Design Patent for a "Liquor Pourer" on February 28, 1956.

This pourer is from Modern Sales, Los Angeles. It is marked "Patent 2,442,133." Philip LeGarra of West Los Angeles, California, was issued this patent on May 25, 1948 for his "Intermittent Siphon Dosing Device."


"Mr. Bartender Cocktail Set, Another Member of the Mr. Bartender Family, Mr. Bartender Products." In a departure from its normal offering of a combination tool, the Deluxe Cocktail Mixing set has a separate corkscrew (with cap lifter bell) and jigger. The set is rounded out with a cocktail spoon, strainer, and shaker with drink recipes.

This label is on a bar set and it has the Florence, Kentucky location. The design appears to be later than the plaid boxes.

This one may have been one of the last Mr. Bartender Products and shows what may be an updated Mr. Bartender cartoon figure on the front of the package.

Party Pals Gourmet Cork Puller. "Entertain at home, it's fun." On the reverse is "the complete line of bar accessories … Mr. Bartender Products, Inc., P. O. Box 97, Florence, Kentucky 41042."

These are from Anchor Products, Inc., Culver City, California. James McPhee who patented one of the Mr. Bartender Products was from Culver City.

More from Anchor Products of Culver City. The pourer has James McPhee’s patent information on it.


A page from a 1957 wholesale catalog from Isaac Lehrhoff and Company, 560 Belmont Aveune, Newark 8, New Jersey.

A 1946 advertisement in the New Yorker magazine featured the Mr. Bartender cartoon figure pourer, their trademarked symbol. The advertisement shows the seller as Modern Engineering & Development Company, 8334 West Third Street, Los Angeles 13, California. The earliest boxed products show the location as Los Angeles. This is followed by the Torrance and Culver City, California locations and, finally the Florence, Kentucky operation on Industrial Road.

More Mr. Bartender Products

Mr. Drop-Stir is "free wheeling, self dispensing, no spilling" and "Makes it easy to stir any iced drink." Box indicates Mr. Bartender Products is in Culver City, California.

Mr. Bar-Flo is a carbonated beverage dispenser. The Los Angeles location is on the box.

Top: "Mr. Chips" is an ice crusher from the Mr. Bartender Products line, Los Angeles, California. The handle is a cap lifter.

Bottom: A combination ice crusher and cap lifter from Mr. Bartender Products Inc., Torrance, California. The end panel says this is also "Mr. Chips."

Mr. Ice Crusher in plaid box from Torrance, California.

Mr. Ice Crusher.

Gourmet Cork Pullers



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