Corkscrews to Australia

In June, 1997 we had visitors from Australia. Ian Hunter and his business associate, Sue, had stopped over in New York City on their way to Bermuda. On a sunny Sunday they took the train to Stamford to visit the Bull corkscrew collection.

Bull shows off a corkscrew to Ian.
After spending several hours looking at the Bull collection, Ian went shopping. Like a kid in a candy store (like all of us when we see corkscrews for sale), Ian delightedly looked through a couple of hundred Bull duplicates and picked a number of treasures to take back to Australia.

Ian, like the rest of us, claimed it is quite difficult to find corkscrews in his own backyard and must resort to travelling far and wide in order to find them. I know that he also made a successful stop at Andre Burgos shop in New York City. I haven't heard about his adventures in Bermuda yet but look forward to hearing of the corkscrew successes there!

Have you noticed how many Australians are already on the Collectors on Line list?:


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©1997 Donald A. Bull