This image is from a photo postcard which proclaims on the reverse "Atlantic City Souvenir." The boardwalk had many photographers who would take your head shot in a variety of wood cutout bodies. This reveler has a bottle of champagne in one hand and a corkscrew in the other. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find the original wood cutout?

Late Friday March 21, Stan Greenfield and I drove to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the Atlantique Show. This show is held semi-annually and about 1200 dealers of collectibles occupy over 7.5 acres in the Atlantic City Convention Center (you've seen the center in the Miss America Pagents). We arrived outside the center on the Boardwalk at 8:15AM to find two lines of thousands of enthusiasts waiting for 9AM early admittance. At 9 sharp the doors were open and five thousand people entered within 15 minutes. We then spent 5 hours walking and hunting. The rewards of my efforts were:

Left: Threaded Sterling Sheath with initials C.S.B.

Top left: Nickel plated roundlet having a loose double slotted worm which slides up into one of the halves and is secured by the second.

Top right: Sterling Peanut roundlet

Middle: Sterling four finger pull

Bottom left and right: Silver Roundlets by Gorham

Silver 1922 Norwegian Patent #38579 by Skarstein. Rather plain case compared to most I have seen.

Top left: Champagne knife with corkscrew by Slater Brothers, Sheffield, England.

Top right: Nickel silver knife advertising Norddeutcher Lloyd Bremen (Shipping Line) made by Justus Bierhoff, Solingen, Germany.

Bottom left: Nickel silver knife advertising G. M. Pfaff - a German sewing machine manufacturer. A rare knife made by Remington.

Bottom right: Knife with cigar cutter by Schulder in Solingen, Germany.

A German serving set in leather case consisting of corkscrew which threads into funnel and three nesting cups. All pieces marked MADE IN GERMANY. Three cups could be used to play "Guess where the pea is?"

Not a bad day!

Corkscrew dealers at the show included Goodman and Walters. Collectors Luterman, Giulian and White were all there competing for the prizes. Take a look at the MUG SHOTS!

Don Bull, March 23, 1997


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