What's That?

March 2000

Something has arrived...

And it is in a big crate...

We'll need an opener...

AHA! A giant corkscrew!

Let's go find a really big bottle of wine!

Now what am I suppose to do with this thing?

What would you do with it?

Steve Spielmann writes: I'd dress up like Jesus and carry it through the Napa valley.

Dwight Dolliver's idea: Plant it and I will buy one of the offspring!

Trevor Holdsworth comments: Tell me when you find a bottle big enough to open, and I'll bring a few glasses along.

: Plant it and I will buy one of the offspring!

Carroll Johnson writes:

Alf Erickson suggests: Bring it to the Berlin ICCA meeting....take it up in Alf's Corkscrew-Balloon #3.....drop it from a great height....read in the newspapers about what happened below.

From Down Under, Nick Hunt says: Use it for a turnstile in the Virtual Corkscrew Museum.


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