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Flower Frogs for Collectors

by Bonnie Bull

Ø12/20/09 "Your beautiful book has arrived. Thank you so much for your outstanding job with this book." Kathy Spence.

Ø8/31/09 "Bonnie, your book arrived today, and I could not be more delighted! The only problem will be tearing myself away from it long enough to get anything else done. Thank you for a lovely and useful resource." Mitzi Ponce.

Ø12/20/08 "I bought your book Flower Frogs for Collectors many years ago, and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed referencing the book while I collect frogs.I was wondering if you have published any more books on frogs? If not, would you -- could you?" Ann Barker.

Ø2/25/07 From George who bought the book as gift for his wife: "Dear Bonnie: I received your book. My wife loves it. Thank you!!!!"

Ø2/23/07 "Today I received your book ... I have been 'reading' it since we picked it up at the post office at noon. ...I am now eager to pack away my collection of snowmen and put out my collection of flower frogs. I always have some out, but now I must show all of them and I will definitely photograph the lot. Thanks again for all your work and research, Chris Bremner. "

Ø2/11/07 From Pam Merrill: "...After purchasing my first two flower blocks in an antique store in St. Louis, the owner suggested I buy the Bonnie Bull collectors book. I'm hooked!"

Ø10/27/04 Tracy Kaswinkle writes, "I loved your book! Your book was the first one I had found with pictures of what I collect (Viking flowerlites)." Tracy has just joined the directory.

Ø3/24/04. Your book arrived today and I'm having the best timereading it. I had no idea the variety of frogs manufactured! As a beginning collector, this book is so useful! Thanks. Jeanette Sclar

Ø11/21/03. I received the book today and I am so happy with it. My friend will be overjoyed with it. I only found your web site doing a search on google.com. I typed in flower frog books and you came up. It is much nicer than I thought it would be, very very pleased with it. Thank you, Nancy Redfox

Ø7/2/03. My friend has received your book and is delighted with it. Thank you so much for the personal touch you gave this order. Sincerely, Barbara Baccus


ØFrom Israel Colon: "I purchased your book about a month ago. Thank you for the book and your autograph. I have only one complaint - it is too addictive. I find that I am constantly thumbing through it and checking out frogs on the internet. At this rate, I will soon wear out the book. I am now looking for a twelve step program for flower frog addicts."

ØI purchased your book about a month ago. Thank you for the book and your autograph. I have only one complaint - it is too addictive. I find that I am constantly thumbing through it and checking out frogs on the internet. At this rate, I will soon wear out the book. I am now looking for a twelve step program for flower frog addicts. Regards, Israel

Ø1/21/02 From new member Jim Chilcutt, "Your book, Flower Frogs for Collectors, has been very helpful in the identification of flower frogs. Thanks for your efforts in supplying collectors with this guide.


ØI just got home from the post office and all I can say is "WOW". What a great book. --Claire Height

ØI can't imagine the time & effort put forth to publish this. Thanks so much - it will be a great reference & excuse to finally catalog my frogs. Again, thanks!! --Ginny Whitham


ØBonnie, you are a national treasure for compiling such a wonderful and comprehensive book -- just what I have been looking for to catalog my collection so my son will not toss these 200+ flower frogs when I move on to that celestial yard sale beyond. --June Evans

ØThere are so many wonderful frogs out there. I had no idea. Makes me want to get out there and resume the hunt! --Sarah Kruse


ØYour book is fantastic & I can see that is a labor of love more than a money maker ...I am sure that you will increase the awareness of flower frogs to many that had no clue what they were... You should be very proud of the results. Thank you very much, Ralph Jennings.

ØThanks again for having the energy and patience it must have taken to "give birth" to such a great book. Sincerely, Molly Wingate


ØThank you for publishing such a reference...it will help me tremendously.....Susan Barrineau

ØI received the wonderful book. Thank you so much! I collect Viking and other American glass the most. I like the bowl and frog pieces. Thanks, Tammy

ØYou did a wonderful job and are truly an asset to the flower frog collectors everywhere.
A rousing round of applause to you! Sincerely, Linda Alexander

ØI just wanted you to know I received your book and loved every page of it, now I want to find more flower frogs I love. Thank you for all your hard work. Caryn Bebeau

Ødear bonnie, just received the book and just love it. i want to get out there right now and hunt. oh if only the time and the money. you should be very proud of your work. it was a pleasure to be a part of this process. thanks michael vanderheyden

ØI just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the early copy of your book. Linda and I have both paged through it, and it is WONDERFUL. You have done a really great job of providing more than just an ID book or price guide. You include history and commentary that make the book a real pleasure to read. This is one of the finest reference books in our library. Thank you for all the work you obviously put into this. It is well appreciated. --David and Linda Adams,
Our House Antiques

Ø5/2/01. I received you wonderful book Friday. It is absolutely great--pictures and text. I have searched for information about flower frogs for years and been frustrated about how little has been available. Thank you for your efforts in creating such an informative book. I have a few in my collection that you pictured. Your book gives me the inspiration to keep searching for frogs. They are getting harder and harder to find. Thanks, Kay Wiley.

Ø5/3/01 ...the book is great and I am glad to have been a little tiny part
of it. Thanks and congratulations!!! Dollie Davis

Ø5/8/01. Hello Bonnie.........I received your book and had to let you know that it is SUPER!!
It is a flower frog collectors dream. It will bring me hours of joy and I wanted you to know how thrilled I am with it . You should feel very proud! Thank you, Jean Edwards

Ø5/10/01. My book arrived today. It is great. We collectors have needed it for years !!!! --Judy Anderson


ØFlower Frogs for Collectors is a fantastic resource to validate my collecting. "A whole book on frogs? Really!" my husband remarked. The excellent photographs and well-researched text have helped me to identify several of my treasured frogs. Thanks for all the time and effort put into this book. Mary Cleve

ØBest of luck with sales of your book. I am sure that it will bring many hours of gasps and joys to lots of collectors. Kind Regards, Ken Steadman

ØThis is an absolutly fantstic reference book - so well planned and laid out, the info on the various companies, and the gorgeous photography all come together to form a superb book on frogs. I'm so glad you wrote it...Thanks again, Karen Brothwell



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