William Rockwell Clough
Inventor and Manufacturer of over a Billion Corkscrews
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German Catalogs

Clough corkscrews were certainly available in Germany. German manufacturers and distributors of hardware in the late 19th century and early 20th century show Clough 1875/76 corkscrews in their catalogues

Carl Kammerling & Co. marketing their items in Britain illustrate an 1875 Clough type for Scent bottles.

Ernst Scheerschmidt, Benshausen, Thuringia illustrate 1875 & 1876 Clough patent types.

Circa 1880 Gustav Kürschner, Schmalkalden, Thuringia Hardware Distributor. The original catalogue was photographed in 1989 by Bob Nugent.

Circa 1907 Karl Weisbach, Mehlis, Thuringia also illustrate 1875 & 1876 Clough patent types .

Even the famous Monopol in Marburg still advertised an 1875 Clough patent in circa 1958 catalogue.

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