William Rockwell Clough
Inventor and Manufacturer of over a Billion Corkscrews
©2002 Ron MacLean


My sincere thanks (posthumously in some cases) to the following who furnished information to help make this book possible:

Alton Historical Society Museum (Winston Stone)
Homer Babbidge
Jack Bandy
Reinhold Berndt
Gérard Bidault
Don Bull
Kenn Cameron
Herb Danziger
Frank Ellis
Alf Erickson
Nick Hunt
Karel Janousek
Alan Kaplan (Uncle Alan's Antiques)
Frank MacDonald
New Hampshire Historical Society
Bob Nugent
Fred O'Leary
Guy Olive
Joe Paradi
Klaus Pumpenmeier
Sal Robinson
Philippe Songy
Fletcher Wallis
Joe Young

And most of all to my wonderfully patient wife Marilyn and a very dear friend Joanne Johnson "Editors Emeritus", who demonstrated many times that without a good teacher a student is lost!

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